Saturday, 2 April 2016

some Planet Chew birds - Keith Vinicombe

Keith not long back from a fantastic day's birding at his beloved Chew Valley Lake yesterday and sent in these photos.
Lifers...UK ticks...county ticks...patch ticks, the day had everything anyone could wish for!
Keith has annotated the pics to portray the flavour of the excitement of the day....
Takahe + chick at Picnic site 1
One of the rarest birds in the world, this species featured on the Brooke Bond tea cards 'Wildlife in Danger' series back in the early sixties. These are re-established birds, originally on Tiritiri Matangi Island near Auckland, NZ. They look like something from a bygone age

Wandering Albatross off the Dam
An amazing ten foot wingspan
They look dopey but are surprisingly aggressive when feeding.

Salvin's Albatross also off the dam
part of the recently spit Shy Albatross group

Northern Giant Petrel off Nunnery Pt
Cute or what?

Beach Stone Curlew at Herons Green
One of the birds of the day - looked about twice the size of our bird
A real stunner.

Pacific Gull at Herriott's Pool
Makes Great Black-back look a bit of a wimp. 
Wouldn't like to get into a fight with one

Powerful Owl at Moreton
About the size of an Eagle Owl,
Jammed into a pair  

Superb Lyrebird woodland at back of Nunnery Pt
Kept bumping into these - in fact I nearly ran one over on the track
Bit like a Pheasant at a fancy dress party.

Very many thanks Keith, much appreciated. That should keep the records committee busy for a while.

Any resemblance to the Australian birds he saw on an earlier trip are purely coincidental.