Thursday, 23 June 2016

some Clevedon coast birds - Paul Chapman

Paul is just back from a 10-day birding trip to the Clevedon coast and sent in these photos.

If you thought Portbury Wharf was good, then just feast your eyes on these Bobby Dazzlers and wish that Clevedon was your local patch.
Most of the birds were seen at the Yeo Est end though anywhere along the Clevedon coast will turn up something outstanding.
Baltimore Oriole & Yellow Warbler
Catbird & Eastern Kingbird
scrub near the Kenn Est
White-breasted Nuthatch & Downy Woodpecker
few trees along most of the coast, these were seen around Wain's Hill
Common Grackle

Piping Plover
Channel View seawall, near the 2005 Upland Sandpiper site
American Woodcock
Blake's Pool environs
Very many thanks Paul. 
Any resemblance to eastern seaboard American birds are purely co-incidental.