Wednesday, 27 July 2016

some Madagascar wildlife - Bob Brewer

Special agent Brewer is just back from a month long birding trip to Madagascar and sent in these photos to the Foreign Holiday department of the Avon Birds office.
Unfortunately Bob forgot to say what the creatures are so Mrs Trellis has had to resort to her vast knowledge of African wildlife to hazard a guess....
some kind of Kestrel?

some kind of Stilt?

some kind of Tern?

some kind of Owl?

some kind of Meercat?
the one on the right might be called Alexander Orlov?
Madagascar has many endemic species which are not found anywhere else so any help on positive ID's would be greatly appreciated. We're sorry, we haven't a clue....

Answers on a postcard to: 
Mrs Trellis, Wild Shag Cottage, Sheepsbottom Lane, Much Humping-on-Sea, North Wales.