Thursday, 12 January 2017

12th Jan '17 Thursday

Cold, dull and damp today and not much to report.

On the bright side, it should be less than 2 months before the first of the spring migrants start to arrive.

12-1-17 Blackcap (Allan Chard)
A good day for birding through the kitchen window
Fishponds garden:
2 Blackcap - please keep your wintering blackcap records coming in

Willsbridge Mill:
2 Wood Pigeon, 3 Jay, 10 mixed flock of Blue and Great Tit, 4 Long-tailed Tit, 1 Dipper, 2 Robin

12/01/2017 Mrs Blackbird: been sitting for 5 days, in a sheltered courtyard in Bath (Glen Maddison)

Timsbury garden:
1 Blackcap

11-1-17 Wawing (Martyn Hayes, TBOSG)
1 of 41 in Cheltenham yesterday

Reports: Alex Carlisle, Allan Chard, Teresa Chard,
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