Out of Avon

Experimental out of area blog for reports from outside Avon. Text will be put in as supplied and images reduced to 1200 pixels maximum. Publication is at our discretion and time available. It is best to send in your work as a complete project, text and all. Please volunteer to be a blogger, all help is appreciated

Pete Blanchard, Slimbridge, August 22nd

Wood Sandpiper
Vera Carpenter, Skomer, July 2nd

Razorbill & Guillemot
Raven & Chough
Juvenile Wheatear, Buzzard & Wren

Lee Gardiner, David Hughes, Slimbridge, April 22/23

The Black-winged Stilt at Slimbridge

David Hughes, 23rd
Lee Gardiner, 22nd

Lee Gardiner, 22nd