Out of UK 2

Out of UK 2 covers the second half of 2017, Alaska, Spain, Cyprus, Australia

Out of UK 1 March to May 2017  follow link to see earlier postings from Australia and Montenegro

Bob Brewer in Spain

The Sandpiper and Wagtail were on the Douro River. The Storks were in a reserve near Bilbao.

Pied Wagtail

Common Sandpiper

Which Stork ?

Which Stork ?


Bob Brewer in Uganda

Pied Kingfisher

Grey Crowned Cranes
Crested Eagle
Yellow Billed Stork
Grey Headed Gull
Marabou Stork
Black and White Casqued Hornbill
Banded Snake Eagle
Dark Chanting Goshawk
Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
Carmine Bee-eater
Red-throated Bee-eaters nesting in cliff
African Fish Eagles
Abyssian Roller

David Hughes in Alaska

A few pics from my recent trip to freezing Alaska

Bald Eagle & Glaucous-winged Gull

Spectacled Eider, 1st s male & Steller's Eider

Orange-crowned Warbler & Golden-crowned Sparrow
Apart from the birds on the trip I also saw 3 Grizzly Bears, a herd of Musk Ox, Wolf, Moose and a Humpback Whale.

Bob Brewer, near end of Australia trip

Australia is great for birding and wildlife in general. With no help and very limited skills even we have managed over 100 species. Mind you there are over 850 to choose from.After some 6 weeks on a container ship and 15,000km of driving maybe take it a bit easier in Avon for a while

Superb Fairy Wren and Rainbow Lorikeet
Royal and Yellow-billed Spoonbills
Great White Egret and Stilts
Beach Stone Curlew, Brush Turkey and young Gannet

Vera Carpenter, in France

Little Tern and Black Redstart
Swallow and juvenile Pied Wagtail
Red-crested Pochard, males and female with ducklings

Bob Brewer, back in summer in Queensland now

Curlew, Bar-tailed Godwit
Yellow-breasted Robin, King Parrot
Osprey, Sea Eagle
Koala and Dingo

Paul Woolams, Northern Cyprus, end May

Night Heron and Little Bittern
Little Owl and Red Backed Shrike
Sardinian, Reed and Cyprus Warbler.

Bob Brewer, Australia, June

Still going after some 12000 km across Australia

Rosella Parrot and Black Parrot
Kookooburra and Flame Robin

Brolga Crane and Australasian Grebe
Greylag Goose and Pacific Gull