Weather - Wind strength


Wind Strengths

Calm   Calm                  Calm wind             Smoke rises vertically with little if any drift.

1        Light Air                 1 to 3 mph    Direction of wind shown by smoke drift, not by wind vanes.

2   Light Breeze           4 to 7 mph    Wind felt on face. Leaves rustle and small twigs move

3   Gentle Breeze        8 to 12 mph       Leaves and small twigs in constant motion. Wind blows up                                                                                            dry leaves

4 Moderate Breeze  13 to 18 mph     Wind moves small branches. Wind raises dust and loose paper

5 Fresh Breeze    19 to 24 mph     Large branches and small trees in leaf begin to sway

6 Strong Breeze    25 to 31 mph       Large branches in continuous motion. Whistling sounds heard.                                                                                     Umbrellas used with difficulty.

7 Near Gale      32 to 38 mph    Whole trees in motion. Difficulty felt walking against the wind.

8 Gale                39 to 46 mph    Wind breaks twigs and small branches. Wind impedes walking.

9 Strong Gale        47 to 54 mph    Structural damage occurs, such as chimney covers, roofing tiles                                                                                     blown off, and tv aerials damaged

10 Whole Gale        55 to 63 mph    Considerable structural damage on roofs. Small trees may be blown                                                                             over and uprooted.

11 Storm Force          64 to 75 mph   Widespread damage occurs. Larger trees blown over and uprooted.

12 Hurricane Force   75+ mph       Severe damage. Roofs peeled off. Trees uprooted, mobile homes                                                                                     overturned. Cars slide off the road