Out of UK 3

Experimental out of area blog for reports from outside UK. Text will be put in as supplied and images reduced to 1200 pixels maximum. Publication is at our discretion and time available. It is best to send in your work as a complete project, text and all.

Out of UK 1 March to May 2017  follow link to see earlier postings from Australia and Montenegro

Out of UK 2 June to Dec 2017 follow link to see earlier postings, Alaska, Spain, Cyprus, Australia

Bob Brewer with a few more from India

White-breasted Kingfisher
Plum-headed Parrot
Spot-billed Duck
Indian Roller
Indian Roller
Adjutant Stork
Little Cormorant
White-backed Vulture
Black-winged Stilt

Bob Brewer with a few more from India, mostly Raptors

Any help with ID appreciated

Pallid Harrier
Pariah Kite
Pariah Kite
Serpent Eagle
Scops Owl
Black-winged Kite
Marsh Harrier
Pale Harrier
Pallid Harrier
Blue-tailed Beeeater

Bob Brewer in India 1

In northern India for a few weeks. Not really a birding trip in any way but we are taking in a bunch of national parks. Don't get many of these around CVL, although the Cattle Egret is here. The large tabby at the end turned up in the Corbett National Park. Impressive if scary when you are looking for raptors

Eagle Owl
Golden-backed Woodpecker
Male Peacock in a tree, really common on the ground
A grubby Cattle Egret in a garbage dump
Harrier in flight
Indian Robin
The tabby Tiger