Sunday, 10 July 2016

Important - please read

Change of Plan - and Great News: 13 July 2016

By public demand and pressure, we are re-starting the Avon Birds blog. We ask everyone to send us their sightings again as usual which will be posted on a daily basis as before.

There is an important change which we wish to make everyone aware of:

1. We've persuaded Bristol Ornithological Club to take over ownership and editorship of Avon Birds as soon as Mrs Trellis can train up their team of volunteers.

2. This will be in the coming weeks and we'll notify everyone of the actual change via the blog about this. We expect the same '' address to apply.

3. Essentially, you will see no difference in anything, just new owners behind the scene.

4. We think this is a sensible way forward for everyone's benefit.

Finally, we'd like to say to everyone how humbled we are by all your very kind comments about the popularity and usefulness of the blog and the many many requests made to us that we reconsider closure and get the blog up and running again.

Mrs Trellis was brought to tears by your support, so much so that she has been wiping away the tears with the hem of her Dirndl dress...

Thanks for your patience please get contributing....


Saturday 9 July 2016 was our last posting - Avon Birds is now closed down.

After several years blogging, we feel we've done our bit of reporting for the local bird community....time for someone else to takeover.

In closing down, we'd like to thank everyone, contributors, photographers and readers for making the blog such a success. We could not have done it without you all.

Our final request is that you make sure you that your bird sightings reach the county Recorder by whichever route works best for you.

These pages will disappear in a few days time when news has got around.

Good birding everyone.