Friday, 2 March 2018

02-03-18 Friday - Woodcock

Temp -2 to -1.5 ℃. Warmer than yesterday. Snowing most of the day. Sixth day of wind from NE

More reports than we have ever received so a different approach for today. Everything in gardens unless otherwise stated

Lots of today's birds have never been seen in the locations before! Apples popular and lots of fighting for food, Fieldfares particularly aggressive. Numbers of Tits, Thrushes, Finches breaking records in gardens

Golden Plover
1st GBB Gull
1st Fieldfares in gardens
2-3-18 Greenfinch looking up at the snow(Rod Holbrook)


Sparrowhawk: 1m Montpelier

Water Rail: 1 Eastville Park

Lapwing: 25 Aztec West, small flock Bradley Stoke, 4 + 30 + 50 Stockwood

Curlew: 1 Sea Mills

Dunlin: 3 Cumberland Basin

Woodcock: 1 Hanham

Snipe: 1 Cumberland Basin

Redshank: 1 Sea Mills

2-3-18 Common Gull, Eastville Park (Jon Mortin)
Kingfisher: 1 Eastville Park

Long-tailed Tit: 6 Bradley Stoke, numerous Eastville Park, 1 Hallatrow

Blackcap: 2 Westbury on Trym

Goldcrest: 6 Eastville Park, 1 Hallatrow

Nuthatch: 1 Hallatrow

2-3-18 Blackbird , Hanham (Peter Coslett)
Fieldfare: 3 Cumberland Basin, 2 Dove Street, 20 Eastville Park, 1 Fishponds, 2 Hotwell, 60 Longwell Green, 1 Montpelier, 1 St George, I Bishopston.

Redwing: 1 Cumberland Basin, 20 Eastville Park, 2 Hallatrow, Stoke Park

Dipper: 1 Eastville Park

Grey Wagtail: 1 Boiling Wells

Meadow Pipit: 3 Cumberland Basin

Bullfinch: 3 Bradley Stoke

Greenfinch: 2 Bradley Stoke

Goldfinch: 10 Bradley Stoke, c30 Bishopston.

2-3-18 Reed Bunting, Stoke Park (Outdoor Prescription)
Reed Bunting: Stoke Park


2-3-18 Green Woodpecker (Rod Holbrook)
Green Woodpecker: 1 Severn Beach

2-3-18 Blackcap, Yate (Chris Teague)
Blackcap: sev Yate

Fieldfare: 50 Leyhill, 2 Severn Beach, Yate

Redwing: 2 Severn Beach, Yate

Reed Bunting; 1 Severn Beach

2-3-18 Redwing, New Passage (Lisegirl)
New Passage:
Bedroom birding: Shelduck. Oystercatchers. Lapwing flyover. Golden Plover, Curlew. Dunlin. Redshank. BH Gulls. LBB Gulls. Magpie. Redwings. Song Thrush, Dunnock. Pied Wagtails. 5 Goldfinch

2-3-18 Song Thrush, New Passage (Lisegirl)

Water Rail: 1 W-s-M

Lapwing: Anchor Head, 1 Sandford, 631 W-s-M, 26 Worlebury

Golden Plover: 25 W-s-M

Woodcock: 1 Yatton

Snipe: 4 W-s-M rhynes, 6 W-s-M, 4 Worlebury, 1 Yatton

2-3-18 Long-tailed Tit, Butcombe (Rich Allsop)
Long-tailed Tit: 8 Langford, 2 Portishead

Blackcap: 1f Yatton
2-3-18 Goldcrest (David Goodliffe)
Goldcrest: Langford
2-3-18 Fieldfare, Anchor Head (David Gibbs)
Fieldfare: 5 Bishop Sutton, 2 Butcombe, 1 Langford, 15 Portishead, 100 W-s-M, 28 Worlebury

Redwing: Anchor Head, 1 Butcombe, sev Churchill, 10 W-s-M

Bullfinch: 3 Butcombe, 8 Langford

Siskin: 2 Langford

Portishead Marina:
7 Cormorant, 27 BH Gull


Blackcap: 1 m Twerton

2-3-18 Blackbirds etc, Cameley (Bob Medland)
Blackbird: 42 Cameley

Starling: 17 Twerton

2-3-18 Fieldfare, Bath 1st (Glen Maddison)
Fieldfare: 4 Cameley, 3 Twerton, 1st in a Bath gdn

2-3-18 Fieldfare, Twerton (Jean Tye)

Redwing: 7 Cameley, 1 Twerton

House Sparrow: 25 Twerton

Pied Wagtail: 3 Twerton

2-3-18 Great Backed Back Gull, 1st Newton Park (NSL Birding)
Newton St Loe:
Very snowy and a first Great Black Backed Gull!!
20 Lapwing, 30 Fieldfare, 100+ Redwing, 1 Blackcap, 20 Siskin

1 Buzzard, 1 Grey Heron, 2 Snipe, 70 Lapwing (flock heading west), 1 Great Black-backed Gull, 18 Blackbird, 3 Song Thrush, 1 Goldcrest, 3 Bullfinch
SWT: 4 Lapwing, 20 BH Gull, 25 Meadow Pipit, 3 Grey Wagtail, 10 Pied Wagtail, 8 Redwing, 1 Song Thrush, 9 Blackbird
2-3-18 Fieldfare, Bishop Sutton (Bob Brewer)

no reports

Reports: Rich Allsop, Jon Angell, avonbirder, Phil Baber, Paul Bowdler, Des Bowring, Bob Brewer, Dru Brooke-Taylor, Alan Chard, John Clark, Peter Coslett, Anne Crowe, Lee Gardiner, David Gibbs, David Goodliffe, Patrick Hancock, Robert Hargreaves, Peter Hazelwood, Higgy, Rod Holbrook, Mike Jackson, Sue Kempson, Lisegirl, Duncan McLaughlin, Glen Maddison, Stuart Mathews, Bob Medland, Mike Meecham, Paul Milsom,  Jon Mortin, Michael Moxon, Brian Mulgrew, Jean Oliver, outdoor prescription, Dee Pope, Mike Prior, Lois Pryce, George Rabin, Adam Rawson, Trevor Riddle, Darren Robson, Richard Scantlebury, Nigel Sluman, Marcus Smith, Mark Smith, Roger Staples, Chris Teague, Brian Thompson, Jean Tye, Simon Williams, Monique Woodhead, Blagdonlakebirds, CVRS, NSL-Birding, Opsbirding, Severnsidebirds, TalkingtoBears, TBOSG