Friday, 14 July 2017

14th July '17 Friday - Whinchat

Sunny intervals with a light breeze

Whinchat and Redstart at Chipping Sodbury Common

14-7-17 Dunlin at Herriotts Bridge (Ian Stapp)


Eastville Park:
(13-7-17) 1 Grey Wagtail, 72 Mallard, 10 Canada Goose, 1 Grey Heron, 7 BH Gull, 5 Moorhen,
7 LBB Gull, 2 Kingfisher (WeBS)
(14-7-17) 2 Kingfisher (an adult and a juvenile).

14-7-17 2 Kingfishers in Eastville Park - an adult and a juvenile (Allan Chard)

A few years back when our local group of swifts (centred on Filton’s Millennium Park) was still a sizeable number, I could look out my loft window pretty much any day, any time and see them flying. However, in the last few years numbers have been dropping (to 8 this year), and often they are not around at all for many days at a time. So perhaps below a certain group number, do they go off and join in with another group for hunting etc? – there’s another group quite close near BAWA, for instance. Anyway 3 days ago was that event, that happens every year, when the group suddenly enlarges – up to 14 in this case. (Lois Pryce)

Juv Great Spotted Woodpecker on garden feeder

13-7-17 Great Spotted Woodpecker on garden feeder in Fishponds (Allan Chard)

Sea Mills:
c. 40 BH Gull, 4 Swift, 25 House Martin (lots of young peeking out...).


Chipping Sodbury Common:
Kestrel, Skylark, Swallow, 2 Raven, 2 immature Robins, Song Thrush, 2 Whinchat, 2 Redstart, 1 Whitethroat, 5 Lesser Whitethroat, Chiffchaff, 3 male Reed Bunting, 3 families of Bullfinch
Grey Heron, Cormorant and Coot at the fishing lake.


Backwell Lake:
Common Sandpiper

14-7-17 Common Sandpiper at Backwell Lake (Chris James)

Locking Road:
2 ad Great Black-backed Gulls, 2 ad Sitting Lesser Black-backed Gulls + 2 chicks, 8 ad Herring Gull (3 sitting) + 1 chick



Pair of Little Grebes with two chicks (2nd brood). Family of four Kestrels

West Harptree:
6 Swift


Blagdon Lake:
2 Common Sandpiper, 8+ Grey Wagtail, 1 Reed Bunting.
14-7-17 Reed Bunting (George Stacey)
14-7-17 Grey Wagtail (George Stacey)
Chew Valley Lake:

Bittern Trail:
1 Little Egret, 5 Reed Bunting, 4 Reed Warblers.

Heron's Green:
94 Canada Goose (some still growing new wing feathers) Swallows & Martins (small numbers)

14-7-17 New wing feathers on Canada Goose at Heron's Green (Ian Stapp)

6+ Chiffchaff (all juv), 2 Great Spotted Woodpecker, 2 Buzzard, 2 Treecreeper, 1 Green Sandpiper,
2 Reed Bunting, 6 Raven (together).
Butterflies 2 Silver-washed Frit. (by cottage) 2+ Essex Skipper

Herriotts End:
2 Little Egret, 3 Common Sandpiper, 3 Lapwing, 2 G BB Gull, Swallows & Martins (small numbers), 1 Dunlin (later visit on the spillway). Tawny Owl.

14-7-17 Common Sandpiper at Herriotts (Ian Stapp)
The mud is back at Herriotts but very few birds on it today.

14-7-17 Tawny Owl at Herriotts End (Mark Dadds)
Reports: Simon Carder, Allan Chard, Mark Dadds, Mike Jackson, Chris James, Lois Pryce, Robert Purveur, Richard Scantlebury, George Stacey, Ian Stapp,
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