Wednesday, 4 March 2020

04-03-20 Wednesday - Red Kite

Wet and murky

Red Kite
Black-throated Diver
Great Northern Diver
Whooper Swan


04-03-2020 Blackcap St Andrews (John Rossetti)
St Andrews - garden:
1 Blackcap - with jewellery and apparently a tracker.

St Andrews Park:
1 Blackcap - singing in the rain, 4 Redwing

Filton, Millennium Green:
1 Kestrel - hunting over the park, 07:00


04-03-2020 Kestrel - Between the Severn Bridges (Rod Holbrook)
Pilning Wetlands:
04-03-2020 Bullfinch Severn Beach (Rod Holbrook)
Severn Beach:
1 Bullfinch - ready for a drink.

Kingswood - garden:
1 Grey Heron - on the roof, 4 Woodpigeon, 2 Blue Tit, 2 Blackbird (f&m), 2 Robin - nest building all day, 6 House Sparrow (3f&3m),


04/03/2020 Linnet Portishead (Pete Evens)
Portishead - Redcliffe Bay:
2 Linnet - in one garden and 2 Siskin - on the feeders in another. Are they on the move?.


Bath - Rush Hill:
1 Red Kite - 09:20, same place as a week ago.

04-03-2020 Whooper Swan NSL (Robert Hargreaves)
Newton St Loe:
The Whooper Swan still on the top lake.


Barrow Tanks:
1 Black-throated Diver, 1 Great Northern Diver, 2 Stonechat

04-03-2020 Tufted Duck CVL (George Stacey)
Chew Valley Lake

04-03-2020 Scaup CVL (George Stacey)
10+ Scaup

Reports: Rob Bright, Ken Carruthers, Jane Cumming, Sean Davies, Pete Evens, Robert Hargreaves, Rod Holbrook, Lois Pryce, John Rossetti, Kevin Smith, George Stacey, blagdonlakebirds, CVRS, nslbirding, opsbirding, severnsidebirds, TBOSG